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In keeping with its ambition to feed the world, Olymel maintains relations with various publics, such as its business partners, customers, employees, suppliers, the media and consumers. In its communications, the company strives for the highest possible level of transparency and adheres to a policy of openness in order to ensure its choices, orientations and achievements are better understood.

Richard Vigneault
Olymel corporative communications s.e.c.
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Cell phone: (514) 497-1385

Published 5 February 2019

Olymel wins a dux 2019 award for Olymel 100% nitrite-free smoked sausages


Olymel has earned a new DUX 2019 Award in the Large company, Value added product of the year category for Olymel 100% nitrite-free smoked sausages, a product that was launched in April 2018.