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Prepared with care for food manufacturers, Olymel processed meats will quickly become one of the key ingredients of your success.

Solution for food manufacturers

With time a rare commodity for many modern-day consumers, precooked or easy to prepare meals are all the rage. As a food manufacturer, you must anticipate consumer concerns in matters of health, taste and quality. You must also select ingredients consistent with consumer demands and compatible with your methods and processes.

To support you in your operations, Olymel features an extensive variety of pork, chicken and turkey products, as well as expert technical advice respecting ingredient preparation. 

Extensive line of products

Olymel features a comprehensive assortment of processed meats cooked to perfection, and then trimmed and packaged to your specifications. Precooked chicken strips for sautés, sauces and pasta. Bulk-packaged deli meats for sandwiches and pizzas. Fresh bacon and bacon bits to enhance meals and salads. Ground meat for meatloaf, burgers and soups. The possibilities are endless and always in keeping with your expectations.  

Custom ingredients

In need of special cooking, exact cut or specific type of packaging? Olymel works in close cooperation with customers like you to provide solutions and products perfectly adapted to your needs, your operations and your markets. You can count on the expertise of the research and development team at Olymel to develop your ingredients, optimize their yield and design performance-oriented packaging.

Quality and safety guaranteed

The success of a recipe depends on the choice of ingredients. Olymel does their utmost to feature products of the highest quality. All pork, chicken and turkey meats originate from animals raised in Canada in accordance with the strictest of standards and processed in leading edge facilities designed to guarantee food safety. 

One of the leading suppliers of processed meats in Canada, Olymel meets the needs of companies of all sizes, while ensuring consistent quality and processing each order quickly and efficiently. 


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