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Innovation: central to
the company's value chain

Olymel invests in research and development in order to constantly improve its food products. In addition to working to better meet consumers' expectations, Olymel strives to anticipate changing market needs in order to maintain its position as market leader.

Its efforts include improving processes and choice of ingredients, as well as developing innovative products. Through this process, Olymel has brought a number of innovations to the market.


Products: a first on your plate

Olymel nitrite-free deli meats

The new line of nitrite -and phosphate-free deli meats is one of the best choices for regular consumers of cold cuts. Plus, they taste great and the price is right:

- No nitrites or phosphates
- No added sugar
- No allergens
- Gluten free certified by CCA
- Verified Canadian Pork

Line of Gluten-Free breaded products and super crunchy

Line of Gluten-Free breaded products and super crunchy

- Certified Gluten-Free by the CCA (Canadian Celiac Association)

- 30% less salt than our regular product. Sodium rate from 180 mg/100 g to 270 mg/100g (under the Health Canada recommended level for sodium reduction guidance, 470mg/100g)

- An exceptional crunchiness thanks to a breaded coating made with puffed rice


Amigos & Cajun Crispy Chicken

Discover our new products on Flamingo web site. Every bite is a taste fiesta!

Nacho Style Chicken Chips

Southern Style Boneless Crispy Chicken

The Olymel Smart & Natural product line

The Olymel Smart & Natural product line

Deli meats containing natural ingredients, no added preservatives, no gluten. Winner or finalist in several Awards in 2012.

Pulled pork

Pulled pork

First gluten-free pulled pork accredited by the Canadian Celiac Association

Precooked bacon

Precooked bacon

First manufacturer in Quebec to launch a pre-cooked bacon in 1984, and first manufacturer to launch a natural version, in 2013.

The Flamingo nitrite-free product line

The Flamingo nitrite-free product line

The first totally nitrite- and gluten-free line of poultry meats, finalist in the 2011 Canadian Grand Prix New Products.

Standards and procedures: the cutting edge of progress

A chicken, Olymel shield and a pork

SQF/HACCP programs

haccp First Canadian company to comply with SQF/ HACCP food safety program standards, more than five years before the program became mandatory.


CO2 stunning of turkeys

First company in Canada to modernize its slaughtering facilities with advanced equipment for CO2 stunning of turkeys, corresponding to the highest standards of animal welfare.

Ingredients and nutrition: quality, health and simplicity

No trans fat

First manufacturer in Canada to remove trans fats from its poultry products.

Sea salt

First manufacturer in Canada to use sea salt in its Olymel brand retail products.

Fork and sausages

First Canadian manufacturer to use vegetable casing for fresh sausage.


The first health program created for food service, especially schools and institutions, combining training and nutritious, affordable products.