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Olymel distinguishes itself not only through the quality of its products, but also the way it produces them. With its awareness of the dangers that threaten the planet, the company wants to feed the world in a sustainable and responsible manner to preserve our world for future generations. 

Its approach to corporate social responsibility is structured around four main pillars that cover every segment of its business. In each pillar, numerous achievements demonstrate its commitment to the future of the planet and the long-term well-being of its inhabitants.

Healthy eating and food safety

Thinking about tomorrow means promoting good health by offering people a healthy, balanced diet.  

To address the health and nutritional concerns of consumers, Olymel strives to provide healthy food by reducing or eliminating undesirable ingredients; ensuring the healthiness, safety and quality of its products; and helping customers and consumers make informed food choices.

Animal welfare

Thinking about tomorrow means seeing to the proper care and health of farm animals to ensure the sustainability of the agrifood business and protect public health. 

For Olymel, the humane treatment of animals is a fundamental value. This is why it constantly strives to improve its breeding, transport and slaughtering practices to both prevent animal suffering and protect human health. In addition, it makes sure that its producers, suppliers and employees comply with industry-recognized regulations and codes of practice.   

The environment

Thinking about tomorrow means preserving the environment for future generations by reducing pollution and waste.

When it comes to the environment, one of Olymel's main objectives is to reduce its consumption of resources and ecological footprint. This involves adopting practices that use less energy and are less polluting, particularly in our transport, production and processing operations. It also means protecting natural resources such as water and regarding by-products as raw materials that can be reused, recycled and recovered.

Workplace and communities

Thinking about tomorrow means acting in responsible ways to contribute to the safety and well-being of our employees and communities. 

Every day, the 13,000 employees at Olymel are at the heart of the action. To support their efforts, Olymel ensures that they have a safe and stimulating workplace in which they can find real satisfaction and fulfillment. However, the company's vision is not limited to creating a better place to work, but also better places to live, by supporting communities in the regions where it operates.