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Delicious, versatile, economical and easy to prepare, chicken is a favourite in Canada. Canadians indeed consume an average of more than 30 kg a year.

Chicken... for a taste of today

Delicate in flavour, chicken can be prepared in myriad different ways. Not to mention that chicken is nutritious and low in calories when served without the skin. It is therefore not surprising that chicken is one of the most widely consumed meats in Canada! With a capacity of over 1.5 million chickens per week raised in leading edge facilities, Olymel satisfies market demand, while ensuring consistent quality and processing each order quickly and efficiently.  

Variety makes all the difference

Consumer tastes are constantly changing. Curious and ever attentive to emerging food trends, today's consumers seek out products that resonate with their health concerns, ongoing quest for novelty and culinary traditions. Chickens raised without the use of antibiotics, rotisserie chickens, reproduction hens... Olymel features an extensive selection of products and cuts adapted to market needs. Olymel also provides custom services such as water or air cooling, halal certification and cuts to exacting specifications.

Local products distributed nationwide

Quality tastes better and chickens raised in Canada are of equal or superior quality to chickens raised elsewhere in the world. Strictly regulated, Canadian chicken producers raise their chickens with care, more often than not on family farms. Olymel proudly sources chickens exclusively from these smaller producers for distribution nationwide. Backed by sound logistics and transport infrastructure, Olymel delivers products renowned for freshness to regions across the country.

Innovation in action

The three leading priorities at Olymel are chicken wellbeing, food safety and quality customer service. Olymel consistently invests in research and development to improve processes, perfect control and inspection systems, enhance supply and more readily fulfil customer expectations. Customers can always count on the expertise of our R&D team to develop innovative packaging, recipes and marketing ideas.

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