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Feeding the world
thinking about tomorrow

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Olymel is improving its practices in all areas every day because that's what its managers and employees want and because that is what future generations expect of us.

Innovating to produce healthy, safe food of impeccable quality

For Olymel, feeding the world means ensuring access to quality food products that are safe, nutritious and environmentally friendly. As a food producer, processor and distributor, Olymel is committed to implementing industry best practices at every stage of production and ensuring the safety, wholesomeness, traceability and quality of products throughout the supply chain.

Promoting the best treatment of animals

Animal welfare has always been a priority for Olymel. Accordingly, the company ensures that all necessary measures are taken to improve their comfort, reduce their stress, prevent injuries and avoid suffering.

Its animal welfare policy, adopted in 2012, requires employees and suppliers who handle live animals to undergo appropriate training and comply with applicable regulations and industry-recognized codes of practice to ensure animal welfare.

Reducing our footprint to protect the planet and combat climate change

For an agri-food industry leader like Olymel, it is essential to protect the environment and implement sustainable practices in order to feed the billions of people who inhabit the planet. Early on, Olymel adopted an environmental policy that commits it to meeting its environmental obligations. It also does everything possible to improve its performance by reducing energy consumption, preserving natural resources such as water and optimizing its waste management.

Creating engaging workplaces and thriving communities

Every company must be able to count on its employees' commitment to provide consumers with high-quality products. Olymel strives to create workplaces that are both safe and inclusive by considering the well-being and satisfaction of its employees as the foundation for its success.