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Canadian pigs are renowned the world over for the quality of their meat. This explains why Olymel ham and bacon best meet the needs of buyers in search of imports complying with the highest standards of quality.

Strength in cooperation

A subsidiary of La Coop Fédérée, one of the top 100 cooperatives in the world and one of the largest in the agricultural sector in Canada, Olymel enjoys access to an extensive network of services in areas such as animal husbandry, transport, slaughter, processing and distribution. By exercising control over all the links in the chain, from the farm to the table, Olymel guarantees reliable supply and high quality products. 

Private label specialist

Over the past 25 years, Olymel has become a specialist in the production of ham and bacon marketed under multiple private labels in the United States. Customers include major US players in the retail and food service sectors who rely on Olymel know-how for the provision of wholesome, cost-effective solutions. 

Flexible leader

In need of a specific size, recipe or type of packaging? Olymel readily adapts production and quantities to customer specifications. Primary supplier of ham to markets outside Canada, Olymel supplies companies of all sizes and enjoys the necessary flexibility to develop products perfectly adapted to your market.  

Custom sliced meats

To satisfy the needs of the retail and food service sectors, Olymel operates a plant dedicated exclusively to the production of sliced meats, notably cooked ham, side bacon and our highly prized back bacon. This truly Canadian product provides you with a competitive edge over locally produced imitations.    

Cut to your specifications, sliced meats can be packed in a variety of package types and sizes.  

Exceptional ham

All ham is produced from fresh cuts of pork leg carefully prepared in accordance with the time-honoured, European recipes for which Olymel is renowned. 

Smoked ham. Produced from whole muscle to ensure perfect texture and appearance. Smoked naturally using hardwood, our smoked ham comes in different flavours designed to satisfy a range of consumer tastes. 

Cooked ham. With natural juices or added water, Olymel cooked 98 % fat free ham. A unique, bag-based cooking process ensures consistent quality, while providing for a shelf life of up to 9 months. The brick-like format eliminates waste and is easy to cut from one end to the other. 

Bacon, fresh or precooked

Sliced to your desired thickness, Olymel side bacon is naturally smoked and available in several different flavours such as maple or delicately scented apple wood. 

Featuring the same incomparable taste, Olymel precooked bacon offers a quick, easy, less messy solution and keeps twice as long as fresh bacon. Olymel bacon is cooked to your specifications and uniformly presented to ensure consistency in product preparation.


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