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Feeding the world with passion

Olymel is a modern company that draws on a pool of know-how rooted in a long tradition of excellence and best practices in the industry. We express our core values in many ways, such as by never compromising on quality, continuously improving our performance in order to better serve customers, and lastly, constantly striving to inspire trust.

Olymel sees innovation as a key factor in its success, so it attaches tremendous importance to improving its products. By listening to its suppliers as well as its customers, the company keeps abreast of new consumer trends in order to better meet consumer expectations. Proud of its products and its own brands, such as Olymel, Flamingo and Lafleur, our company also puts its expertise and vast manufacturing capabilities to work for private labels that are also recognized for their excellence in the market.

Olymel is dedicated to meeting or even exceeding the highest industry standards in all its operations. Our company also strives to be socially responsible, setting an example by its animal welfare practices, using environmentally friendly processes, and supporting the communities in which the company operates. We can only fulfill our mission by maintaining these standards.

The strength of the company we have been building for twenty-five years leads me to believe that Olymel will be able to continue to feed the world , with passion, for many years to come.

Through acquisitions, mergers and business partnerships, our company has become the Canadian leader in the production, processing and distribution of pork and poultry meats. Olymel is a modern company whose products are now enjoyed in more than 65 countries. We feed the world on a daily basis, and this is a source of great pride for us.

Our mission

A leader in the agrifood industry, and proud of its Quebec roots, the superior quality of its products and its 15,000 employees, Olymel has a single motivation and mission: together, we feed the world.

Olymel in numbers

Exports to over 65 countries15,000 employees$4.5 billion in revenue185,000 hogs per week
Largest hog producer in Canada +

Olymel is the leading hog producer in Canada. To ensure the continuity of its pork supplies, the company relies on sizeable production facilities owned by its Olysky subsidiary in Western Canada and numerous partnerships in Eastern Canada.

2.4 million birds per week
35 production
facilities and