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A constant quest for excellence

Olymel has a large research and development team dedicated to developing recipes and differentiated processes for our national brand products, on the one hand, and on the other, to supporting customers in food service, private brand retail and export.

The research and development department is made up of fifteen experienced professionals, specialists in food processing. The team includes one manager per sector (pork, chicken), a corporate chef and a dozen project managers and technicians.

Three poles of research and development work

Innovation and Development

To meet the needs of a constantly changing market, the research and development team works to create innovative products. This team also ensures continuous improvement of our existing national brand and private label products (for retail, food service and export).

Performance and competitiveness

The research and development team also keep the manufacturing process for existing products functioning optimally. It is able to offer competitive, innovative benefits that enable its clients to outperform their competition.

Optimization of Operations

The team is also dedicated to continuous improvement of products and processes in order to maximize the company's performance and profits. The gains achieved through continuous improvement enable Olymel to remain competitive and still offer its customers the best quality/price ratio.

Invest in knowledge and human capital

To remain at the forefront of its industry, Olymel invests in ongoing training for its research and development group, and participates in fairs and exhibitions in its field. 

Raw materials and manufacturing technologies are changing constantly, and our experts are on the lookout for any new products that appear on the market. Working closely with universities, scientific research

bodies and suppliers, the R&D team carefully evaluates, tests and, when it proves profitable, implements each innovation.

In addition, the research and development department often helps develop training programs for Olymel customers and employees. The objective of this training is to popularize and demystify the features of the company's products and specific processing methods.